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Louise · Fairweather

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I have decided to make my journal only available to those who are on my friend list. Mainly because I like knowing who reads my entries.
But please, do leave me a comment and I'll add you. Getting new friends is fun, haha :D

In this journal I will be writing about all the things going on in the daily life of a 20 year old girl, as well as my interests, such as lolita fashion, music, TeniPuri, and so on :)

If you are interested, you can find me here as well:

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Here's my lolita wishlist, it will probably be updated from time to time, but this is what it consists of at the moment.

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Here are a few pictures from the intrernational lolita day yesterday, didn't take that many though. I went to Gothenburg to a small meet up, we had a picnic in Slottsskogen, then walked around, looking at all the animals in the park. It was a beautiful day, really sunny and nice (got a bit sunburned, on my shoulders D:).

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Oh, and here's my outfit for the day, since there aren't any pictures of me at me meet-up :P

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Khoma - Osiris
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